Duke Faculty Shine at this Year’s Pain Society of the Carolinas

By Mary M. Kirkley

There was a strong Duke presence at the annual Pain Society of the Carolinas meeting and scientific sessions November 1-3 at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. Drs. Richard Boortz-Marx and Thomas Buchheit served as Program Co-Chairs. The meeting was the most successful to date with over 350 attendees from different specialties.

Notable accomplishments by Duke Faculty included:

  • Dr. Buchheit was elected as Vice-President
  • Dr. Boortz-Marx was elected as Secretary
  • Dr. Prakken was appointed to the Advocacy committee
  • Best Clinical Poster was awarded to Dr. John Holder: Incidence of Chronic Neuropathic Pain After Traumatic Amputation: Initial Results from the VIPER-80 Discovery Cohort of Injured Military Personnel
  • Best Basic Science Poster was awarded to Alex Chamessian, MD, PhD, candidate in the lab of Dr. Ru-Rong Ji: More than Mere Detergents: An Interspecies Study Reveals Bile Acids as Novel Mediators in Acute and Chronic Pain

Duke trainee poster presentations included:

  • Dr. John Noles: Ultrasound guided intraneural radiofrequency lesioning: A novel treatment for postamputation pain
  • Dr. Brownyn Southwell: A Retrospective Analysis of the Impact of Intraoperative IV Acetaminophen on Post-Anesthesia Care Unit Opioid Use and Pain Scores in Women Undergoing Gynecologic Surgery

Duke faculty who contributed to the scientific program:

  • Dr. Richard Boortz-Marx – Intrathecal Drug Delivery
  • Dr. Thomas Buchheit – Nerve Injury, Epigenetics, and the Prevention of Chronic Pain
  • Dr. Steven Prakken – Safe Opioid Prescribing
  • Dr. Thomas Van de Ven – Glial and Inflammatory Mechanisms of Pain
  • Dr. Thomas Hopkins – Value-Based Care in Pain Medicine
  • Dr. Anne Marie Fras – Medical Management of Pelvic Pain

Congratulations to all!

Chris KeithDuke Faculty Shine at this Year’s Pain Society of the Carolinas