2014 Academic Evening Wrap-Up

The 22nd Annual Academic Evening, held on Tuesday May 13th, was a wonderful success! Junior level investigators performing research in our department presented ninety-one posters, which for the first time, were held in electronic poster presentation format.

Presentations of research reports and challenging clinical cases were widely distributed through all training levels and divisions of the department. Congratulations to all presenting participants who made this event so special!

Our guest judge and Grand Rounds speaker was Jeanine Wiener-Kronish, MD.  Dr. Wiener-Kronish is the Henry Isaiah Professor of Research and Teaching in Anaesthetics and Anaesthesia at the Harvard Medical School in Boston and Anesthetist-in-Chief at Massachusetts General Hospital.  She not only served as a judge, but also mentored the trainees by asking insightful questions during their presentations.  She was very complimentary of the work presented in all of the abstracts. The finalists in each category, as selected by our faculty abstract judges, presented their work to Dr. Wiener-Kronish, who had the difficult decision of selecting the winners (listed below).

While announcing the awards, Dr. Wiener-Kronish did an excellent job of summarizing the highlights of each project and including the potential implications to the science and practice of anesthesiology. Thanks to everyone whose contributions made this evening possible.  Special acknowledgement belongs to the abstract judges, moderators, mentors, program directors, and support staff, as well as those who continued the critical work of providing anesthesia care to patients that allowed so many to attend the event.

Cathleen Peterson-Layne, PhD, MD
David S. Warner, MD
Academic Evening Co-chairs

2014 Academic Evening Winners

1st Place
Miles Berger, MD, PhD
The Effect of propofol vs. isoflurane anesthesia on human CSF markers of Alzheimer’s disease and inflammation: preliminary results from a RCT

Runner Up
Shan Zhou, PhD
Thrombocytopenia associated acute kidney injury in pediatric cardiac surgery

Runner Up
Jeff McKenzie, MD
Discordance in grading methods of aortic stenosis by intraoperative TEE

1st Place
Quintin Quinones, MD, PhD
Multi-color flow cytometry reveals species specific and hibernation-state specific differences in innate immunity, susceptibility to injury, and response to surgical ischemia-reperfusion

Runner Up
Terrence Allen, MB BS
The effect of progestins on TNF-alpha induced MMP9 activity and mRNA expression in primary chorion and amnion cells in term fetal membranes

Runner Up
Miki Yamado, PhD
Early myocardial gene expression profiling after deep hypothermic circulatory arrest reveals ontogenetic adaptive mechanisms underlying ischemia-reperfusion tolerance in the swine

1st Place
Lisa Einhorn, MD
Preterm gestation is associated with an increased failure rate of spinal anesthesia for cesarean delivery

Runner Up
Rebecca Klinger, MD
Perioperative intravenous lidocaine infusion reduces postoperative pain scores and hospital stay after cardiac surgery

Runner Up
Nathan Waldron, MD
Comparing maternal and fetal hemodynamic effects of phenylephrine infusion versus bolus in cesarean section

1st Place
Jacquline Zillioux
Perioperative supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids may attenuate post-surgical neuropathic pain

Runner Up
Aaron Skolnik
Liposomal bupivicaine (extended release local anesthetic) improves outcomes in ileostomy reversal surgery

1st Place
Emily Funk, CRNA
Structured handover in the pediatric post anesthesia care unit

Runner Up
Stefanie Martina
Triathalon Deaths: swimming-induced pulmonary edema?

1st Place
Carrie Polin, MD
Anesthetic Management of super morbidly obese parturients for C-section using double neuraxial catheter technique: a case series

1st Place
John Noles, MD
Ultrasound-guided intraneural radiofrequency lesioning: a novel treatment for post amputation pain


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2014 Academic Evening Sponsors

The Department of Anesthesiology would like to thank the following sponsors.

RyMed – Jason Ryan and Krissy Riggs
GE Healthcare – Pat Vickers
Northwestern Mutual Life and Financial Network – Patrick Steele, CLU, ChFC
Smith Medical – Jason Ankney, S. Dawn Shaw, Rebecca Bass

Chris Keith2014 Academic Evening Wrap-Up