Peter D. Dwane, MD Retires June 30, 2014

Dr. Peter D. Dwane will retire from the Anesthesiology Service at the Durham VAMC on June 30, 2014.  He spent 18 years in the Department of Anesthesiology at Duke, and after he retired, came to the Durham VAMC to serve our wounded warriors.  On Monday, June 23rd, we commemorated his many years of service with a breakfast celebration and a gift card.

Dr. Dwane completed his medical training at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.  In 1971, he immigrated to the US to further his education in California.  After his training, he returned to Canada, where he practiced anesthesia in Kingston, Ontario, for 22 years. According to Dr. Dwane, his practice in Ontario was, “…virtually identical to the VA, except we did obstetrics.”

In 1996, Dr. Dwane was recruited to join the Women’s Anesthesia division at Duke by Dr. Jerry Reves.  While Dr. Dwane often worked the grueling, week-long night shift on the OB service, he loved the clinical challenges, educating residents, and rarely slept.

In his free time, Dr. Dwane enjoys target practice and camping.  He was also one of our fittest faculty members, as he rode his bike to work every day, in any weather, for 11 years; and never met an elevator that he liked. He also stayed fit during his many outings outside of work doing “portage” – the Canadian practice of carrying water craft or cargo over land, either around an obstacle in a river, or between two bodies of water.  Dr. Dwane would carry a 50-75 pound canoe and pack, and fish for his dinner on these excursions.

For his retirement, Dr. Dwane and his wife, Bevvie, will be moving to St. James, NC – a retirement community outside of Southport.  He is excited to live at the beach near Bald Head and Oak Islands where he can enjoy doing, “…the things that retired people do, like charity work and such.”  Dr. Dwane has been a role model and beloved faculty member of the resident physicians.  We wish him the best of luck and happiness on his next adventure.

By Dana Wiener, MD

Chris KeithPeter D. Dwane, MD Retires June 30, 2014