New Research Grant Award

Wei Yang, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Division of Basic Sciences, was awarded $7,000 from the Duke University School of Medicine Core Facility Voucher Program for an application entitled “Genome-wide analysis of chromatin modification by SUMO in mouse brain”. Dr. Yang has generated several unique SUMO transgenic and knockout mice models, including SUMO knockout mice, neuron-specific SUMO knockdown mice, and Cre-inducible SUMO transgenic mice. Using these mice models, he found that a functional SUMO conjugation pathway is essential for emotionality and cognition, and he also characterized the SUMO-modified proteome in the post-ischemic brains. The voucher will be used to identify the genomic loci occupied by SUMOylated proteins using chromatin immunoprecipitation coupled to next generation sequencing (ChIP-Seq). This pilot project is expected to establish a platform for future studies to uncover the mechanisms linking SUMO conjugation to neuronal functions in vivo.

Chris KeithNew Research Grant Award