Informatics Shows Pain Leads to Repeated Emergency Department Visits

Congratulations to Dinesh J. Kurian, MD, Thomas J. Hopkins, MD, MBA, and Jason Guercio, MD, MBA, who were featured in Anesthesiology News for their work using medical informatics to identify and improve shortcomings in patient care. Their recent analysis has shown that the primary culprit in postoperative visits to the emergency department is pain.

“There’s a lot in the news lately about improving health care outcomes,” said Dinesh J. Kurian, MD, a resident at Duke University Medical Center, in Durham, N.C. “At our institution, we’ve noticed that some of our patients are high emergency department utilizers—people who keep coming back over and over without ever seeming to get their problems solved. We wanted to try to understand why some postoperative patients turn out to be high utilizers and others don’t.”

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Chris KeithInformatics Shows Pain Leads to Repeated Emergency Department Visits