VA Patient-Centered Specialty Care Education Centers of Excellence Award Announced

The VA division would like to congratulate Dr. Sandhya Lagoo-Deenadayalan of the Department of Surgery for the recent receipt of a VA Patient-Centered Specialty Care Education Centers of Excellence award – a multi-year grant to introduce a novel training model for senior level residents in Surgery, Anesthesiology and Geriatrics.  Drs. Jonathan Mark & Amy Manchester, of the VA division will participate in this novel program which fosters the transformation of clinical education and patient care by preparing resident physicians to work in and lead patient-centered interdisciplinary and/or inter-professional teams providing specialty care in the setting of coordinated longitudinal primary care.

The Durham VAMC Perioperative Optimization of Senior Health (POSH) Program is a multidisciplinary collaboration with the Departments of Surgery and Anesthesiology, the Geriatrics Research Education and Clinical Center (GRECC) and Ambulatory Care Services at the Durham VAMC.  Members of all four services have established a successful partnership in education and clinical care over the past several years and will now embark on an innovative initiative to transform education for our trainees in a multi-disciplinary setting to help them develop knowledge and skills in caring for senior veterans in the perioperative period.

Over half of the 5301 inpatient surgical procedures at DVAMC in 2013 were performed on adults over age 65. This population suffers the highest rates of post-operative complications that lead to slower recovery and loss of independence.  The Durham VAMC POSH program will improve outcomes for frail older adults undergoing elective surgical procedures. The program will serve to establish an inter professional (IP), multidisciplinary service that ushers patients from their initial PCP surgical referral to their post-operative follow-up and to provide a point-of-care educational experience that is patient- and family-centered, crosses traditional boundaries of discipline and profession, and establishes communication and continuity across settings and systems.

Other participants in this initiative are:
Dr. Miriam Morey – Professor of Medicine, Geriatrics
Dr. Brian Hayes – Assistant Professor of Medicine, Internal Medicine
Dr. Navjeet Sidhu-Malik – Associate Professor of Dermatology, Associate Chief of Staff for Education, Durham VAMC
Dr. Sandro Pinheiro – Assistant Professor of Medicine, Geriatrics
Dr. Mamata Yanamadala – Medical Instructor, Medicine, Geriatrics
Dr. Dan Blazer  – Associate Professor of Surgery
Dr. Mitch Heflin – Associate Professor of Medicine, Geriatrics

Congratulations to the VA POSH team!

Chris KeithVA Patient-Centered Specialty Care Education Centers of Excellence Award Announced