Resident Class of 2016 Takes Center Stage

Resident Class of 2016 Takes Center Stage

The Duke Anesthesiology Resident Class of 2016 took center stage on Saturday, June 18, as they officially graduated from the residency program and received their certificates at the ceremony held at the Hope Valley Country Club in Durham.

Chairman Joseph Mathew, Residency Program Director, Dr. Annemarie Thompson, and Assistant Residency Program Directors, Drs. Brian Colin and Ankeet Udani, had the honor of delivering the graduates their certificates.

Congratulations goes to…

Eun Eoh – Chief Resident
Stephen Gregory – Chief Resident
Jamie Privratsky – Academic Chief Resident
Nate Waldron – Academic Chief Resident
Jessica Carter
Tera Cushman
Benjamin Dunne
Amber Franz
Joseph Hutson
Dinesh Kurian
Keila Maher
Brittany Merk
Michael Plakke
Suraj Yalamuri

An extended congratulations goes to those who received class awards…

MS2 Teacher of the Year – Brian Rogers (CA-2)
MS4 Teacher of the Year – Jamie Privratsky
Teacher of the Year – Brandi Bottiger (cardiac faculty)
Outstanding Graduate Resident – Eun Eoh
Outstanding Graduate Resident – Nate Waldron
Teaching Scholar – Tera Cushman
Teaching Scholar – Keila Maher

Chris KeithResident Class of 2016 Takes Center Stage