New Information Technology Director Named

Dan Cantrell - IT DirectorWe are pleased to announce that Dan Cantrell officially joined Duke Anesthesiology on March 6 as the anesthesiology and perioperative information technology director, bringing 20 years of experience to his new role in our department.

Cantrell specializes in infrastructure systems, significant-sized server and storage clusters, large data set management, information security, and building complex systems from multiple disparate technologies. He has notably been part of three start-ups, including Hotmail, which was the largest email service in the world until 2012. As manager of data storage, he directed the design and cost analysis for all storage and backup systems for more than 100 million global email users. He went on to become the senior systems engineer at Microsoft and the director of technical consulting and system architect at Redbridge IT, Incorporated. In 2008, Cantrell was appointed as the senior information technology manager at the Duke University School of Law; a position he held for nine years in which he oversaw the primary infrastructure technologies and provided support via the web, media and desktop information technology groups.

In his new role at Duke Anesthesiology, Cantrell will work to support the mission of the department, primarily focusing on data analytics, software development and IT support. “We must direct our resources through this time of incredible opportunity with terrific technological resources such as the vast electronic health care records system, virtually limitless computer and storage capacity, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence,” says Cantrell. “During this era of unequaled expansion and growth of technology in health care, our team and resources will ensure success for this department’s great initiatives.”

Cantrell’s primary goals for his IT team include fostering automation to improve efficiency, and deploying and promoting creative solutions to solve the rapidly-evolving health care strategies such as cost control population care management and preventative measures.

Cantrell is originally from Michigan. He currently resides in Apex with his wife and two young girls. Please join us in welcoming him to Duke Anesthesiology!

Chris KeithNew Information Technology Director Named