Faculty Take on New Global Health Roles

Drs. Holly Muir and Brad TaicherThe Duke Global Health Institute (DGHI) has appointed Duke Anesthesiology’s Drs. Holly Muir and Brad Taicher as affiliate faculty to help continue its vision of academic excellence to meet the global health challenges of today and tomorrow to achieve health equality worldwide.

“The Duke Global Health Institute is comprised of groups of individuals who dedicate time to improving the lives of others around the globe. I have great admiration for these folks. I am honored to now be included as a member in this institute,” says Dr. Muir.

“It’s an honor to be nominated,” says Dr. Taicher. “I believe it’s important that the faculty in the School of Medicine are actively engaged in collaborating with DGHI on our initiatives. The title itself is a symbol of that opportunity.”

Both Dr. Muir and Dr. Taicher are actively involved in the Department of Anesthesiology’s Global Health Program and are committed to traveling abroad on yearly global health missions. For Dr. Taicher, this new role allows him to be a resource for Duke students studying global health and interested in learning more about his mission trips in Guatemala. He says it also allows him access to DGHI resources which could allow him to bring students, interested in research projects, to collaborate with he and his team in Guatemala.

“Both our team and the “Duke Guatemala Project,” as well as the students and faculty at DGHI, are all interested in accomplishing the same goals. Having this faculty appointment formalizes our relationship and provides us an opportunity to move forward with that collaboration,” says Dr. Taicher.

For Dr. Muir, she believes the value in her new role with the DGHI is the sharing of knowledge and experiences. “This appointment affords me many new opportunities, including the opportunity to teach in the master’s program. I can interact with Duke global health masters and undergrad students by creating opportunities to participate in our projects. Additionally, the DGHI sponsors visiting lecturers from whom great knowledge can be gained.”

Duke Anesthesiology’s Dr. Yemi Olufolabi is also an affiliate faculty member of the DGHI. It was established in 2006 as a university-wide institute dedicated to developing and employing new models of education and research that bring together international partners and discover innovative solutions to global health challenges. It’s mission is to “reduce health disparities in our local community and worldwide.” To learn more about DGHI, visit https://globalhealth.duke.edu/.

Chris KeithFaculty Take on New Global Health Roles
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The Gloves Came Off for Global Health

Duke Anesthesiology’s second annual Pie in the Face global health fundraising event was a big success! On December 15th, a crowd gathered to watch the top donors, Drs. Eddie Sanders and John Buckwalter, throw the honorary pies at the contest “competitor” who raised the most money, Dr. Sol Aronson! But they weren’t just any kind of pies; they were Dr. Aronson’s favorite, banana cream.

We’re proud to announce that the three contest “competitors” raised $4,096 this year which will support our residents’ travel expenses for their global health projects. We’d like to thank all of the donors for their generosity and the other two competitors, John Borrelli and Sharon Taylor, for participating in this year’s fundraiser! Despite his best efforts, there was no escaping the pie for John, the contest’s runner-up! Overall, Dr. Aronson raised $3,346, John raised $550 and Sharon raised $200. Overall, we raised about $1,300 more than last year!

The Pie in the Face contest is an annual global health fundraiser that began last year. Three “competitors” are chosen from our department each year. The person who earns the most donations in their name receives the celebratory pie in the face; the top donor receives the honor of throwing the pie. Last year’s contest “winner” was our chairman, Dr. Mathew, who received a pie in the face from the top donor for two years in a row, Dr. Eddie Sanders from Duke Regional Hospital. Here’s a look back at the inaugural Pie in the Face event: http://anesthesiology.duke.edu/?p=830010.

Anesthesia plays a critical role in global health care and there is a great need for anesthesiologists abroad. In response, Duke Anesthesiology continues to take steps to encourage our global presence in countries that need it the most. Thanks to everyone who supports our department in the name of global health.

Chris KeithThe Gloves Came Off for Global Health
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Pie-in-the-Face Contest Kicks Off

Pie in the Face Global Health Fundraiser

This year’s Global Health Fundraiser “competitors” include Dr. Sol Aronson, John Borrelli and Sharon Taylor. The person who receives the most money in their name receives the celebratory pie. And, the fundraiser who collects the largest amount of donations has the honor of throwing the pie! Donations can be made to Duke University and are being collected in Dr. Mathew’s office. The last day to donate is October 31st!

Department Chairman, Dr. Joseph Mathew, was last year’s gracious “winner,” receiving $1,356 in donations. Dr. Annemarie Thompson was “runner-up” with $1,191 in donations. Please spread the word and help us raise even more money for global health this year!

Chris KeithPie-in-the-Face Contest Kicks Off
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Duke University School of Medicine Announces Anesthesiology Leadership

March 24, 2015 | From Nancy C. Andrews, MD, PhD, Dean, Duke University School of Medicine

I am pleased to announce that Joseph P. Mathew, MD, MHSc, MBA, the Jerry Reves, MD, Professor of Anesthesiology, will be the permanent chair for the Department of Anesthesiology, effective immediately. This decision was made after a national search, and I want to thank the search committee, led by Dr. Benjamin Alman, for all of their efforts.

Chris KeithDuke University School of Medicine Announces Anesthesiology Leadership
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