Miles Berger, MD, Receives Supplemental Award

Miles Berger, MD, PhDDr. Miles Berger and Dr. Niccolo Terrando (co-investigator) recently received a notice of award from Duke Translational Research Institute (DTRI) approving the request of $25,000 to support Dr. Berger’s project titled, “Role of Anti-Inflammatory Lipids in Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction and Delirium.” This supplementation will provide funding to the research team to measure pro- and anti-inflammatory lipids (known as resolvins) in perioperative CSF samples. The team hypothesizes that patients with postoperative cognitive dysfunction and delirium will have lower levels of these anti-inflammatory resolvins in their CSF.

These DTRI funds were awarded to provide additional funding and support to Dr. Berger’s currently active NIH RO3 two-year project initially awarded in August of 2015. That project is titled “The Significance of Perioperative Changes in CSF Tau levels in the Elderly” and involves conducting cognitive testing and delirium assessments, fMRI imaging, and CSF and blood draws both before and after surgery in 100 elderly patients. That trial will determine whether postoperative cognitive dysfunction and delirium (POCD/D) are associated with perioperative changes in functional brain connectivity or changes in CSF Alzheimer’s Disease markers (i.e. Amyloid beta, tau and phospho-tau).

This work was made possible by the support of many attendings, residents and CARE staff in the Department of Anesthesiology who are helping enroll, consent, and obtain perioperative CSF samples. The ACTIVATE study research group includes Drs. Ehis Iboaya, John Lemm, Brian Colin, Brian Ohlendorf, Dhanesh Gupta, Gene Moretti, Chris Young, Shelly Wang, Jeff Gadsden, Nathan Waldron, Kendall Smith, Stuart Grant, Ashraf Habib, Quintin Quinones, Scott Runyon, Aaron Sandler, Lenny Talbot, and the CARE staff members Yanne Toulcoat-Dubois, Rachel Brassard, Alice Stevens, Omowunmi Olaleye, Bonita Funk, Narai Balajonda, Tiffany Bisanar, Jhoanna Aquino, Karen Clemmons, Moyin Adetunji, and Katherine Sweeney, and statistical support from Mary Cooter and Yi-Ju Li.

Chris KeithMiles Berger, MD, Receives Supplemental Award