Perioperative TEE Education Goals and Expectations


The following are the goals of the perioperative TEE education program:

  1. To achieve advanced cognitive and technical skills in perioperative TEE as defined in the ASE/SCA training guidelines.
  2. To complete at least 150 perioperative TEE exams that are personally performed, interpreted and reported.
  3. To complete at least 150 complete TEE exams that are reviewed but not personally performed with supervising attendings.
  4. To submit echo images for one case for publication in an imaging journal (example, Echo Rounds in Anesthesia & Analgesia).

In order to successfully achieve these goals, fellows should seek the help of cardiothoracic anesthesiology faculty, especially for goal #3. Faculty mentors can assist with identifying cases and preparation for publication. A manuscript relating to imaging should be submitted by the end of the fellowship.


  1. Fellows should participate in all Wednesday morning TEE seminars that are designed to prepare them for the NBE board exams.
  2. All TEE reports should be completed within 24 hours of the TEE exam.
  3. Review the TEE exam in the OR with the attending assigned to that case.
  4. Complete a personal logbook of reviewed TEE cases.
  5. Communicate all echo findings to the surgical team.