The Neuroanesthesiology, Otolaryngology and Offsite Anesthesiology Division is known for pioneering innovative approaches to patient safety and education. Dr. Bryant “Bret” Stolp, director of Airway Emergency Services, is responsible for the creation of specialized emergency airway packs to be kept on all code carts in the operating rooms and other anesthetizing sites throughout the medical center. In addition, the division is heavily involved in medical simulation. Dr. Nicole Guinn, having combined training in cardiac and neuroanesthesia, leads the Duke Center for Blood Conservation—a tremendous resource for the Jehovah’s Witness patient population. Dr. Grace McCarthy cares for both neurosurgical and cardiac surgical patients, with a particular interest in perioperative transesophageal echocardiograpy. When not at work in the neurosurgical or pediatric surgical operating rooms, Dr. Andrew Peery devotes his effort to resident education as well as the medical humanities.