Neurosurgical Anesthesiology Fellowship

Colleen M. Naglee, MD
Colleen M. Naglee, MD
Fellowship Director

The Neurosurgical Anesthesiology Fellowship aims to supply highly-trained physicians to care for a fragile and growing neurosurgical patient population.

The overall goal of this one-year training program is to transform the general anesthesiologist into a subspecialist in neurosurgical anesthesiology. This is the beginning of a lifelong learning process and is accomplished through multidisciplinary training in all aspects of the perioperative care of the neurosurgical patient. These aspects of care include neurosurgical anesthesiology, neurocritical care (neuro-ICU), neuroradiology, neurosonology, and neurophysiologic monitoring.

A two-year program option will be offered for fellows interested in a dedicated research year to prepare for an academic career.

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