Dr. Sandler Nominated for Strength, Hope and Caring Award

Dr. Aaron Sandler was recently nominated for a Strength, Hope and Caring Award. The patient reported:

” I am writing to commend Dr. Aaron Sandler for the expertise and personal care he demonstrated during my awake intubation for oversize thyroid.  I was not able to breathe around the scope, quite a terrifying place to be.  Aaron looked into my eyes, gave me the confidence to go on, and assured me that I was not taking my last breath on earth.  I will never forget those seconds (that felt like eternity), care, and expertise emanating from Aaron.  He is a winner and star to me!”

The Strength, Hope and Caring Award program was developed to honor employees whose extraordinary care reflects the ideals that are valued in our organization.  Their strength bears up those who need support.  Their hope stands in for those whose hope has failed.  Their caring has changed lives.  And it is an honor to share their extraordinary stories with you.

For more information about Duke Hospital’s Strength, Hope, and Caring program, contact Hospital Communications at 919-681-6930.

Chris KeithDr. Sandler Nominated for Strength, Hope and Caring Award