Matthew Buck, MD

I really wanted to reach out to validate, commend, celebrate, and appreciate the hard work that Dr. Buck did on a recent call shift. He had an amazing can-do, get it done attitude that made an incredibly busy and complicated shift run incredibly smoothly. He was willing to run two ORs at the same time, both C-sections, which were incredibly surgically complicated. We also ran a stat under general and then staggered with laboring breach twins. All of this was done with a great attitude, a how can we make this better for our patients sentiment. It was truly one of the best shifts I’ve had there in a long time as far as teamwork, and a huge piece of that was Dr. Buck’s great attitude and willingness to help.

Talking with the residents, nurses and a fellow who were on call the day before me, it sounds like he had a very busy shift and similarly was incredibly helpful, had a great attitude, officially navigated running multiple ORs, and kept all of the patients safe – the whole team really appreciates his efforts as well.

I wanted to give him a shout out because he really stood out as an excellent provider. – Sarah Dotters-Katz, MD

Stacey HiltonMatthew Buck, MD