Other Duke Pain Researchers and Laboratories

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Jorg Grandl, PhD

Jorg Grandl, PhD, Assistant Professor, Duke Neurobiology
Research interest: TRP channels and mechanical receptors

Warren Grill, PhD

Warren Grill, PhD, Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Research interest: Spinal cord stimulation and pain networks

Francis J. Keefe, PhD

Francis J. Keefe, PhD, Professor, Psychiatry, Chief Editor of Pain Journal
Research interest: Pain coping skills, arthritis pain, catastrophizing

Nandan Lad, MD

Nandan Lad, MD, Assistant Professor, Neurosurgery
Research interest: Pain circuit and brain stimulation

Seok-Yong Lee, PhD

Seok-Yong Lee, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
Research interest: Ion channels and Pain

Rodger A. Liddle, MD

Rodger A. Liddle, MD, Professor, Department of Medicine, Pancreatic, Gastroenterology
Research interest: Pancreatic pain

Wolfgang B. Liedtke, MD, PhD

Wolfgang B. Liedtke, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Neurology
Research interest: TRPV4, chloride transport, and trigeminal pain

Marilyn J. Telen, MD

Marilyn J. Telen, MD, Wellcome Professor of Medicine, Division of Hematology
Research interest: Pain in sickle cell disease

Fan Wang, PhD

Fan Wang, PhD, Associate Professor, Duke Neurobiology
Research interest: pain circuit and trigeminal system