Diving Medicine Consultation Services and Hyperbaric Chamber Safety Seal of Compliance

The physicians and staff of the Duke Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology are available for onsite consultation regarding hyperbaric chamber maintenance and certification, medical and technical education and diving related research in any part of the world. Our consultants are experts in the field who address complex problems with knowledge, experience and efficiency. Our reasonable fees reflect our academic mission and are intended to make safety and quality practice accessible.

Duke Dive Medicine Facility Safety Seal of Compliance

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The goal of this program is to improve the medical and technical infrastructure of hyperbaric  facilities serving divers in remote areas of the world through the dissemination of medical knowledge and the promotion of technical competence.


The Duke Dive Medicine Facility Seal of Compliance is a dated certificate awarded to participating facilities based on the inspection teams’ observation of that facilities’ compliance with criteria derived from the goals and standards of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society’s (UHMS) Clinical Hyperbaric Facility Accreditation Manual at the time of the inspection.

UHMS Accreditation Goals (p4 Accreditation Manual)

  • Clinical hyperbaric facilities are staffed with the proper specialists who are well-trained
  • Clinical hyperbaric facilities are using quality equipment that has been properly installed and maintained, and being operated with the highest level of safety possible
  • Clinical hyperbaric facilities are providing high quality of patient care and are maintaining the appropriate documentation of informed consent, patient treatment procedures and physician involvement.

Criteria for Attainment of the Certificate

  1. On site evaluation of candidate chamber by DDM personnel evidencing proper:
    1. governance, administration and compliance with applicable local regulations
    2. condition of facility and maintenance practices
    3. conformance with local and international guidelines including PVHO and NFPA codes
    4. conformance of the candidate chamber staff regarding:
      1. conformance with applicable regulations for chamber governance
      2. conformance with recommended medical and technical continuing education
      3. existing and expected patient census

Immediate Benefits to Candidate Chamber

  1. Written report describing:
    1. Current condition, strengths and weaknesses
    2. Strategies for improvement
    3. Duke Dive Medicine Facility Seal of Approval will be awarded if appropriate
      1. All chambers participating in the program will be listed on the DDM website as a preferred provider by DDM and DiveAssure
      2. All participating chamber’s contact information, staff directory, photographs and history will be attractively listed on the DDM website with multiple links to diving organizations and to DiveAssure
      3. Follow up evaluation will be arranged if needed
        1. Updated written report indicating improvements changes made
        2. Duke Dive Medicine Facility Seal of Approval will be awarded if appropriate

Long Term Benefits to Candidate Chamber Through an Ongoing Association with Duke

  1. Free 24 hour telephone or online consultation with DDM Physicians for:
    1. Medical questions, treatment advice
    2. Chamber related technical questions and advice
    3. Duke faculty mentoring in: basic science, epidemiology and biostatistics for local research projects
    4. Free online participation in:
      1. Scheduled DDM diving medical case conferences
      2. Bi-Weekly Faculty teaching lectures to Duke Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine fellows and housestaff.
      3. Onsite consultation availability at favorable rates for:
        1. Facility repair and upgrading
        2. Diving medical education
        3. US based education for participating chamber staff held at the Duke Hyperbaric Center at favorable rates for:
          1. Facility maintenance and repair
          2. Diving medical education
          3. Technical questions