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Clinical Research (CARE)History of Duke CARE

Duke Clinical Anesthesiology Research Endeavors (CARE) is a departmental initiative to further organize our clinical research efforts in all areas of anesthesia and peri-operative research at Duke University Medical Center and its affiliated sites. Duke CARE began as an organization in 1999, and achieved great success in the Cardiothoracic and Critical Care Medicine divisions. Due to this success, the CARE program was rolled out to the entire Department in January of 2003. CARE is composed of an extensive network of investigators, clinical research support staff, biostatastics staff, perioperative and outcomes database staff, and business development staff.

The department has an outstanding reputation in clinical research, focused in the areas of postoperative nausea and vomiting prevention, preservation of cognitive function after surgery, transesophageal echocardiography, role of inflammation in clinical outcome, intravenous fluids, hemodilution and blood substitutes, hemodynamic monitoring, genetics and outcome, organ protection during surgery, pain management, regional anesthesia and clinical pharmacology. This research has lead to changes in clinical practice and improved outcomes for patients after cardiac and non-cardiac surgery.


The principles that guide us are:

  1. Quality Improvement.
  2. Improving outcomes for patients by improving clinical practice through clinical research.
  3. Improving medical practices by sharing knowledge gained through scholarly publications.


Duke CARE strives to provide our patients with the opportunity to participate in innovative clinical research. Following Good Clinical Practice Guidelines, Duke CARE provides optimum staff coverage to meet protocol timelines within budget.


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