Research Grant Awards

The following departmental faculty were awarded new competitive and non-competitive research grants during calendar year 2019.

Jorn Karhausen, MD

Jorn A. Karhausen, MD
Enhanced Neutrophil SUMOylation as a key to Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Hypothermia
Award Date: 7/1/2019
Award Type: 2019 Innovative Project Award
Funding Agency: American Heart Association
Grant Amount: $200,000

Padma Gulur, MD

Padma Gulur, MD
Opioid Sparing Potential of Light-Induced Analgesia: A Pilot Trial of a Novel, Non-Pharmacological Treatment for Pain
Award Date: 4/9/2019
Award Type: R03
Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health
Grant Amount: $160,875

Jamie Privratsky, MD, PhD

Jamie R. Privratsky, MD, PhD
The Role of the IL-1 Receptor in the AKI to CKD Transition
Award Date: 3/18/2019
Award Type: K08
Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of General Medical Sciences
Grant Amount: $939,324

Nathan H. Waldron, MD

Nathan H. Waldron, MD
To Compare the Efficacy of AGN-151607 with Placebo to Prevent Post-Operative Atrial Fibrillation (POAF) in Participants who are Undergoing Open-Chest Cardiac Surgery
Award Date: 1/7/2019
Funding Agency: Allergan, Inc.
Grant Amount: $816,649

Thomas Van de Ven, MD, PhD

Thomas Van de Ven, MD, PhD
Single Nucleus Expression Profiling of Human Sciatic Nerve after Traumatic Amputation: Predicting Pain and Functional Outcomes
Award Date: 1/1/2019
Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Defense
Grant Amount: $1,431,182

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